In this 21st century, cell phones and tablets are on the rise. Mobile phones have made the use of pagers relatively superfluous. However, a lot of professionals in emergency domains rely on paging devices. This is one of the world’s most reliable tools for communicating. Cell phones are known for its terrestrially-based services and are often limited by low coverage. On the other hand, pagers offer a better and an efficient coverage area. Messages from pagers don’t interfere with medical equipment or other obstacles. This is why both emergency and medical professionals rely on paging systems. With this being said, here are few tips on how to choose paging systems.

Different Types of Pagers

There are several different types of pagers in the industry. By definition, pagers are wireless devices that can be used to send and receive messages. These messages can have both alphanumeric and numeric characters. The simple device has a small screen to show messages. The entire unit is very small and can be clipped to your pants or kept in your pockets easily. Apart from basic features, there are several types and subsets of pagers. Users must keep these models in mind while buying. For instance, there are two-way pagers, numeric pagers and alphanumeric ones too!

As suggested by its name, two-way pagers can be used to receive and send messages. These pagers are a step above alphanumeric pagers. They can be used to send and receive both numeric and alphanumeric messages. The two-way pagers have a QWERTY keyboard that helps users with typing. Some pagers will give you the freedom to do light word processing too.

Secondly, alphanumeric pages are used to display only text and numbers. These devices can be used to receive short messages. A small variation in alphanumeric pagers would be the voice pagers. Voice pagers can be used to record and playback voice messages. In simple terms, these are devices that work like cell phones without the call functionality.


Finally, you can invest on numeric pagers that display only numbers. In most cases, numeric pagers are used to share numbers. A lot of professionals use the pager to share a certain set of codes. For example, the code “11” may advise employees to call someone and “12” can be used to cancel meetings.

Choosing the Right Features

Pagers are carefully designed with intuitive features. These features add more value to the small device. Well known features would be time, alerts, voice mail, memory and date stamps. Page alerts is a vibrate feature that helps the receiver know the presence of a new message. A famous nickname for this feature would be the beeper. This can be attributed to the beep sound made by the device. Newer devices are built with better alerting systems. Users have the liberty to turn off sound functions. Of course, the vibrate function will help you know if a message was received or not. The vibrate function will help you use pager service without causing any disruptions.